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Rabbets Design is a design business, we do anything from websites and graphic design through to social media and specialized design such as animation and cartoons. These are just our main services; each main service has multiple services to choose from. Our main target markets are corporate companies and business, as, well as start-up businesses. Each design is accomplished through our effective design process. This is done to make sure that each and every design is perfectly suited to our clients, to achieve everything they require with a touch of imagination.

Multiple Design Services

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We are all about discovering new designs and approaches to drive growth, improve conversion rates, generate leads, and focus on business goals through design. With our design experience, we will help your brand stand out through strategy and design, by guiding businesses through the digital landscape. We build websites that serve as a foundation to your digital marketing success and launch long-term client relationships. With powerful graphic, website design and social media marketing, your business (start-up or a corporation) will be a success.

Our Ultimate Result

The ultimate result we strive for in our work is best the outcome for our client’s needs. We want you as the client to feel comfortable to tell us anything, so that we may accomplish your dream design, ending in magnificent results for your business. We want you to feel at home with us. Tell us your thoughts and don’t feel bad if you are panicked about the design changes or if you feel like you can’t make up your mind. Take a deep breath and count to 10, we are her to make your design dreams come true and that takes time, so don’t rush.


Most asked for services

  • Social Media Design
  • Brand Design Strategy
  • Web Development

Meet the founder

Shane' Rabbets

Shane' Rabbets

Owner & Founder

Hi there

It’s great to meet you.

My name is Shane’ Rabbets and I am inspired designer,  with multiple designs skills and knowledge that I have had the privilege of learning over many years. Designing is one of my greatest passions and I feel every day I learn something new, which has widened my design field significantly, in design such as web, graphic, fashion, illustration, character, print (including stationery & book cover design) and variety more. I want to share my skills with you and bring your brand to life!

I look forward to working with you.

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